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It's just begun, but it'll probably take a few months time. The song is complete, but now I send it off to my good friend and animator to make a music video for it. We've discussed a lot of ideas together already, and it's well on its way to being my best project to date. I can't wait to get this out there. 

After many years of work, I've finally been able to get my music published to digital storefronts for sale. I'm so excited. I don't plan on making this my career, or even to make any money, but it's a step towards something! The tracks will take up to a few days to actually appear on stores, but you can find me on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more!


Thank you everyone for your support!

Finally producing again.

2016-06-09 04:39:36 by Digiguy

After a long hiatus and many practice tracks, I'm back in the saddle. If you're a game dev, or animator, hit me up and I'll gladly score your creation (or you can use existing tracks). I'm excited to finally be back at it, and hope you are too!

"Uprising" released on NG

2015-08-21 20:18:13 by Digiguy

I've put out all the tracks I've made so far from my newest album, "Uprising" available on Newgrounds.


Check them out here!

New Releases

2015-07-06 03:33:46 by Digiguy

I've released a small collection of 3 songs, called "Assassination". Check out the playlist on NG here!




New short EP release, "SOMA"

2015-06-30 21:17:28 by Digiguy

I've been sitting on these three songs for awhile now. They were originally made for an old videogame project back in the day, but that seems to have fallen through - so I've decided to post all the tracks for free online. Check out the playlist here on Newgrounds. Enjoy!


"Vivid" Is released!

2015-04-12 22:36:43 by Digiguy

Album on Bandcamp here! The release of the title track yesterday marks the final release of the album. More solo songs are to come shortly.

New album: Hardwired

2014-07-01 04:22:43 by Digiguy

I'm super proud of this one, particularly track 2, Love. Uploaded here, but you can also check it out on these sites. Youtube uploads will come eventually when I can put some videos together. Enjoy!

Bandcamp ~ https://digiguy.bandcamp.com/album/hardwired
Soundcloud ~ https://soundcloud.com/digiguy-1/sets/hardwired

Play or download the album here (Soundcloud), or here (Bandcamp). You can bulk download on Bandcamp. You can also listen on Last.fm! Or if you want to see some videos I put together for each, check it out on youtube here.

The album is free, so feel free to download it and help support me. If I get enough downloads I may upload the tracks onto Newgrounds.


Check out the album here! 

From the page: "Window to the Universe", due out before May 2014.

The album will be on preorder until it is complete, and you can support me through it by buying it. I expect the release to be well before May. I will make new tracks available to download and stream every few weeks. When complete, there will be around 10-12 tracks. Stay tuned for more!  Check out the rest of my music on Soundcloud before you decide to pay money!  This is my first full-length album. I've put a lot of love into this one, and I hope it shows!